Fudo Pass Blocked

I rewrote this article on November 11, 2016.

Fudo Pass along Tour de Tsukuba has been blocked since late August.

The pass is popular among cyclists.
I enjoyed cycling through it a few weeks before being blocked.

The information that Fudo Pass has been blocked is on a website at Ishioka City disaster, response & risk management portal.
(http://www.city.ishioka.lg.jp/page/page004060.html Broken link (October 19, 2017))
This website says :

Fudo Pass along Prefectural road Ishioka-Tsukuba Line has been closed to traffic due to landslides.
It takes quite a long time to repair the road.

Ishioka-Tsukuba Line runs from Hojo Tsukuba to Yasato Ishioka through Fudo Pass.

There is a movie in which a car is running Prefectural road Ishioka-Tsukuba Line on YouTube.

Fudo Pass

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